Monitor Exceptions (Global Exception List) - Quit Errors


Monitor Exceptions (Global Exception List) - Quit Errors


In the Editor Exception handling in the online mode, you can reset the pending alarms and warnings.

To this end, you can use the button Diag quit.

In the offline mode, this button has no function.

By clicking the button In online mode, the global variable xDiagQuit is set to TRUE.

Generated IEC code then clears the global exception list and resets the global reaction array.

User-defined code in the logic part of the module, which reads out the global variable xDiagQuit, resets the local error messages.

The global variable xDiagQuit is wired automatically with the i_xDiagQuit of the modules, nodes, and the FB_ExceptionList. Thus, the exceptions are reset in case of a DiagQuit.

The modules have an i_xDiagQuit input. As soon as this has been set, the internally pending exceptions are reset.

If the reason for the exception still exists, the exception is issued again in the same cycle.

Via a call-up of a system function in the FB_ExceptionList, DiagQuit is also executed on system level (at the IEC object for PacDrive_LMC), to also reset pending exceptions there.